Async tornado client

Implements an async tornado client class to query the Deezer API

class deezer.contrib.tornado.AsyncClient(*args, **kwargs)

An async client to retrieve some basic infos about Deezer resources.

Create a client instance with the provided options. Options should be passed in to the constructor as kwargs.

>>> from deezer.contrib.tornado import AsyncClient
>>> client = AsyncClient(app_id='foo', app_secret='bar')

This client provides several method to retrieve the content of most sort of Deezer objects, based on their json structure.

request(method: str, path: str, parent: Optional[deezer.resources.Resource] = None, resource_type: Optional[Type[deezer.resources.Resource]] = None, **params)

Make a request to the API and parse the response.

  • method – HTTP verb to use: GET, POST< DELETE, …

  • path – The path to make the API call to (e.g. ‘artist/1234’).

  • parent – A reference to the parent resource, to avoid fetching again.

  • resource_type – The resource class to use as top level.

  • params – Query parameters to add the the request